parrot drones are high quality drones that many consumers love to fly the quality camera drones around using the best technology where competition with the newest AI technology for the drone markets.

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Parrot Anafi Thermal Drone


Parrot Anafi Drone Features

  • 180° gimbal tilt
  • No Training Required To Fly
  • Follow Me Mode
  • Cameraman Mode
  • Hand Take-off Mode
  • Smart RTH Mode
  • Estimation Algorithm Predicts Drones Health
  • Position Control Loop
  • Smart Return to Home
  • Automated Take-off
  • Hand Take-off
  • Low Altitude Flight
  • Automated Landing
  • GPS Tracking Algorithms
  • Neural Network Car & Pedestrian Detection

Parrot Anafi Includes:

x1 ANAFI Thermal drone x1 Parrot Skycontroller 3 x3 Smart batteries x1 Shoulder bag x1 Multiple-port USB charger x1 Tablet Holder x8 Additionnal propeller blades x1 16GB microSD card x4 USB-A / USB-C cable