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Category: Commercial Drones

Commercial Drones

Commercial drones are used for many different types of tasks you have planned to be able to fulfill a specific service. Company drones are important for you to get land surveying data, real estate luxuary listings, best picture on the listing. When you buy a new commercial drone it will be the best business decsision you make if you’re in the type of industry needing the best photos and videos. Buying the best drones for business online is for anyone wanting to record the best drone pictures using a quality camera drone for sale buying a cheap business drone for commercial use.

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  • PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone For Sale


    Eachine E58 Drone Features
    Camera Function
    Take Off/Landing A Key
    Map Function
    High Rover
    360 Key Roll
    Six Axis Gyroscope stable flying and easy control
    Headless Mode – No need for adjustment to drone before flying
    Gravity Sensor
    Folding Fuselage Quadcopter fuselage built of polycarbonate resistant plastic

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  • Autel Evo 2 Pro Drone


    Autel Evo Features

    • LiveDeck Stream
    • powerful 7100mAH lithium ion battery
    • Smart Controller
    • Top Speeds Over 45 MPH
    • Dynamic Track 2.0

    Autel Evo Pro Comes With: 

    • x1 Drone
    • x2 Battery With Backup
    • x1 Remote Controller
    • x3 Blades
    • x1 Case
    • x1 SD Card
    • x1 USB Cable
    • x1 DC Cable
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  • Mavic 2 Enterprise Drone For Sale


    Mavic 2 Enterprise Drone Features:

    • FLIR Lepton thermal Microcamera
    • Includes DJI Care Enterprise Basic
    • Manufacturers Warranty
    • battery life is 31 minutes of flight time
    • Attach Speaker, Thermal, Infrared to Your Drone (optional)
    • High-Quality 4k Ultra Definition
    • All Direction Obstacle Sensing
    • Drone Password Protection
    • 24GB Onboard Storage
    • Video Recording: 4K Ultra HD

    Mavic 2 Enterprise Drone Comes With:

    • 1x Mavic 2 Enterprise Dual Drone
    • 1x (Year) DJI Care Enterprise Basic
    • 1x Mavic 2 Remote Controller
    • 1x Battery Charger
    • 1x Power Cable
    • 3x Pair Propellers
    • 1x Pair Control Sticks (spare)
    • 1x USB-C Cable
    • 1x USB Adapter
    • 1x Extended Port Cover
    • 1x Mavic 2 Enterprise Speaker
    • 1x Mavic 2 Enterprise Spotlight
    • 1x Mavic 2 Enterprise Beacon
    • 1x RC Cable (Lightning Connector)
    • 1x RC Cable (MicroUSB)
    • 1x RC Cable (USB-C)
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