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PowerVision PowerEgg X Drone For Sale


Eachine E58 Drone Features
Camera Function
Take Off/Landing A Key
Map Function
High Rover
360 Key Roll
Six Axis Gyroscope stable flying and easy control
Headless Mode – No need for adjustment to drone before flying
Gravity Sensor
Folding Fuselage Quadcopter fuselage built of polycarbonate resistant plastic


Powervision Power X Egg Drone is a quality cheap name brand drones for sale you can buy online to get your favorite pictures from an autonomous drone like the powervision, it is consider one of the best quadcopter drones for beginners and has many high quality features. 30 minute flight time, AI image recognition, long battery life, target lock for the perfect picture, enhanced drone flight modes drone will fly around you based on the cordinates set on your smart remote LCD display panel.

Powervision Power X Egg Drone is the all-in-one drone for sale that features incredible camera and pixel  recording options. Hold the camera in your hand and begin recording. The Drone will fly at ranges of over 500 meters at speeds of over 40 miles per hour. The Powervision Power X Egg drone has different types of smart flight functions to give the pilot easy controls, display and interaction with the aerial device. This is a drone that will perform to its standard.  There are many different features that come with this high quality camera drone.  Flight mode and AI camera mode give capturing autonomous pictures easy to use when using the smart remote controller.

  • AI Camera Mode
  • 4k/60fps UHD Camera
  • AI Face Recognition
  • Syncvoice
  • Drone Mode
  • 3-axis Gimbal
  • Flight Mode: 30M AI Camera Mode >3.5H
  • 20 Knot Wind Resistance
  • Waterproof Accesory
  • Autonomous Personal AI Features

    PowerEgg X has many different facial recognition capabilities. It can accurately read the face of anyone with its deep learning training that follow image objects to easily identify focal points within an image to point out and trace a face inside a large data base. This feature gives intelligent modes to take the perfect selfie for you.

    Remote Sound Pickup Feature SyncVoice Technology

    PowerEgg X is equipped with the PowerVisions syncVoice technology picking up high frequencies of sound using smart phones microphone or wireless headphones to automatically synchronize the audio with the pictures.

    PowerVision X PowerEgg 4K Camera Features

    4K UHD camera is for triaxial mechanical stability allowing for the smoothest camera shot whenever the drone is in flight. The 13-core multiprocessor and 5-core high performance CPU+single-core GPU 4 core DSP dual-core neural network engine booster will power any image into the Smart photo processing image production with high pixel rate for the best camera and video.

    Battery Life For PowerVision X Drone

    Drone Powervision can give you 3.5 hours of long lasting charge and enables you to capture life as it happens. The drone uses a high quality battery giving you flight time of over 30 minutes.

    Powervision PowerEgg Drone Performance

    Performance of the Poweregg X Drone has the top leading performance with its impressive camera. It can fly over 24MPH so that it will give you the ultimate stability while in-flight.

    • Windproof
    • Sound Pickup
    • Waterproof
    • Takeoff and Landing on Water
    • 4K/60fps UHD Photography
    • 29-38kph Wind Speed Resistance

    Power Egg X Drone Overall

    When it comes down to buying the AI assitance of the Poweregg Powervision X drone. You will never get the best video with the stability and quality function of this drone. 4K pixel, 60fps with 3.5 hours of battery life is fitting for a drone this size. IT is a professional drone for sale that has sound pickup capabilities making recording quality videos and movies a breeze when it feeds the content to the smart phone app. Buy the cheap powervision drone for sale as the PowerEgg drone is the top drone for sale

Weight1.4 oz
Dimensions7 × 4 × 4 cm

PowerVision Explorer, Powervision Wizard


flight time

30 minutes


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