Top 5 Drone Manufacturers In The World

Top 5 Drone Manufacturers In The World DJI, GoPro, Intel, Parrot, Yuneec

We all know that the best drones are a hobby for many people. They love to fly around, taking the best videos, pictures, making unique content, and posting the videos online. We have a market that is growing by the year. New drone manufacturers are coming out, inventing new drone technology. The biggest market dominators, or the big 5 are the leaders of the ever exploding drone market that’s coming into the eye of the public. As more laws come into place, it is allowing competitors to see a new side in the market. But we clearly have top 5 market leaders, the ones that have been ahead of the hobbyist market since drones have been allowed to be sold to the public.

dji assistant 2 drone technology

DJI assistant 2 drone GPS data

DJI Drones are the Clear Winner

Owning 76.8% of the market, DJI drones are the power house in the industry. It is almost an unfair advantage of creating new drones for the marketplace, having all the money to invent new software for the software the drones run on, make it difficult for startups to compete with such diverse, and modern new technology being invented. That’s most robots use AI artificial intelligence, and machine learning to use to their advantage. This is what gives the drones the unique software behind it. While they’re taking pictures, and videos, they have image recognition to be able to capture autonomous pictures without a user having to take it. It is all based through an advanced neural network allowing the machines to continue learning what image definitions to capture so the pilot doesn’t have to take them. DJI is a company with an ambitious atmosphere and has used many nefarious tactics to wipe its competitors away from their new products they want launched. The CEO of DJI is very obsessed with robotics, and continues its path for creating new drones. However, US Governments think there’s to many security risks inside the drones. Concerns tying to the Chinese government, surveillance with a backdoor in the drone giants software.

Drone Market share for hobbyists

  • DJI 77%
  • Intel 3.7%
  • Yuneec 3.1%
  • Parrot 2.2%
  • Gopro 1.8%
  • Others 10.9%

dji mavic pro 2

What Makes DJI Leading Competitor in the Drone Market?

DJI proprietary Software

DJI Assistant 2

We all know you can go online, and find all the parts needed to build a drone. But you need software, firmware, and technology to control the drone. This is what makes DJI a leading company, and a market dominator. You’re easily able to control the drone with the software DJI provides. They gives you different versions that make flying the drone, sifting the data easier to access and break down to analyze. DJI has many different versions of new software such as the DJI assistant 2, it has many different features that make this a proprietary software for the DJI company. Not only will you be able to update your firmware, but you can also get a simulator from the drone technology. The settings are very easy to access, and you can quickly restore the settings to factory settings from the software. Get all the flight data you need using the DJI Assistant 2. DJI Assistant 2 software ultimately is a quick way to collaborate, and control the drone better to be able to do the things you need to easily fly the drone and take the best cinematic photography, and video.

DJI Mastershots

DJI mastershots is the next level in content creation. They provide automatic aerial imaging, and editing. The DJI Air 2s automatically selects the proximity, landscape, and portrait templates to automatically execute a cinematic sequence of different photos, and videos in-vivo. Photo editing software in live view like the DJI Mastershots software is another type of new drone technology that makes DJI the best manufacturer in the world in creating drones for the consumer market.

OTher DJI Applications and technology for the drone
  • DJI Go 4
  • DJI Fly Apps

DJI Fly app only comes with the DJI air 2s drone, it provides many new features unlike its predecessors. DJI Fly app has real time simulators to make new drone pilots able to use all the DJI features seamlessly.

Yuneec Drones Are Focused On Commercial Production

Yuneec drones have more of a market in the government area as well as commercial grade drones. Agricultural drones for construction, movie production, oil & gas exploration. There are many different types of quality drones available where the drones can fly longer, and faster for long term work. Drones have to weigh under 3 pounds to be sold without a pilots license. Yuneec drone the H520 series has many different features that make it the perfect commercial drone for sale to buy online. It has data pilot mission planner, a software strictly from Yuneec. It has an integrated 7″ touch screen display, with retractable landing gear. You will need a drone pilots license if the drone weighs over 3 pounds. Radio communication ranges past 3km. Best features is the 360 degree gimbal that rotates capturing all angles. Flight time is short for a drone over 1,200 where it lasts only 28 minutes in the air. It comes nothing close to the features the DJI Mavic Enterprise has.

dji air 2s drone folded up

Intels Market Share on Drones

When you do some quick research about Intel’s take on drones, and the technology. They’re merely interested in selling the drones. They are more inclined to giving a company detailed data reports of what type of data the drone will collect through the image learning techniques through intel’s software. The Falcon 8+ drone is a commercial grade drone with 42MP of resolution with 4K pixels specs. It has recently upgraded its drone fleet. They also advertise their service to do drone lighting displays for advertising, events, displays, and large public announcements. It is similar to a fireworks display. It is for main events. The price starts at $99,000 for 200 drones to fly and do aerobatic maneuvers with cool light to mimick any object you might imagine. Their consumer share on drones is very small, and not really on the radar of things to worry about if you’re in the drone industry. In the end if you’re looking for a commercial drone, the Intel Falcon 8+ drone is a good drone to buy just like the rest of them.

parrot anafi ai

Parrot Drones

Similar to DJI drones, Parrot drones have their own brand. They manufacturer their own drones using their own proprietary technology for drone software. Parrot drones are unique drones, the company inspires its design by evolution of morphing the drone designs similar to insects. Parrot has a drone SDK soft development kit that is called Anafi AI. It is a open source kit which features autonomous flight, 3D picture viewing, one click photos and much more. The drone manufacturer is invested heavily in the consumer side, but are mostly inline toward commercial and government sales. The drone cameras are 48MP HDR10 video and photos. Drones don’t have any interference when flying. Parrots SDK allows you to easily edit the drone content easily without any hassle. Their partner ecosystem allows you to leverage the drone software, getting the most out of any inspection process. Fleet management, to survey, & mapping. The Anafi AI relies mainly on vertical camera measures for velocity and position estimations. Parrot’s SDK is specifically for software developers. You can equip the drone with Air SDK, ground SDK for creating mobile apps, Sphinx is a state-of-the-art drone simulation tool. Openflight is for the remote controller’s configurations which is open source. PDrAW is for photo processing raw data. The Parrot drone has different makes and models and is a good platform to begin for developers, and business startups that want an open-source software to create their own drone system .

Top 5 Drone Manufacturers In The World DJI, GoPro, Intel, Parrot, Yuneec

GoPro Drones The Camera Company

When you think of GoPro you think of popular action cameras. Gopro is famous for their in-vivo, action cameras. They’re really good at taking underwater videos, focusing on quality, while in action. GoPro is now in the drone market which is nothing new. They have realized it is something they should take down a notch, due to the regulations and rules about drones that still is in the infancy stage. While their developments are not all public, they do have a simple drone that uses a 26mp camera called the GoPro Karma. This is a popular, commercial drone that is marketed to professional photographers, for taking cinematic photos. GoPro makes a good design, and has developed a pretty good quality drone in my opinion. GoPro has some of the best first person picture and video to capture and relive the experiences you live as a human. The sporting cameras marketed to people that want to take adventurous pictures.

When You Compare The best Drone Companies

Hands down the best winner is DJI. DJI manufacturer has a competitive edge with the software, applications, and drone hardware. No wonder why they’re the leaders in the industry. No one can come close with the DJI software like the DJI Fly Pro, or DJi Mastershots photo editing software for any of the DJI drones. The drones they makes always have AI imaging and technology enabled inside each drone. This is perfect for the beginner pilot for flying the drone. The only thing about DJI is the Chinese governments surveillance on their drone technology potential rumors of government spying. Which is one of the reasons why the drone manufacturer is blacklist on the government commerce list. Second is Parrot company. They have shows with their open source platform that they can compete with the software, running with the hardware of the drone. With image recognition, and smart flight patterns, as well as obstacle avoidance skills, the drone company definitely has something to compete with when you compare both companies. It is the reason why they will grow market dominance over all their competitors in the near future. Buying a new camera drone online can come at a low price when you want to find yourself with a commercial drone for aerial photography, cinematics, or simply using a quality action drone for sale.

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