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dji air vs dji air 2s

DJI’s newest drone, the DJI Air 2S, has officially taken flight. While the first few reviews seem overwhelmingly positive, big questions remain about the new ad. Much better than the original Mavic Air 2? For a better understanding, let’s compare these two drones with each other.

dji air vs dji air 2s

DJI Air 2S Camera Performance

For many pilots, the Mavic Air 2 is an almost perfect drone. We are focusing on several areas such as performance, portability and flight performance. The pilot said the camera system of the Mavic Air 2 was too much, and it was no exception. Camera has dual video recording feeds that can take high quality 4K 20MP quality picture/video. Reading a DJI MavicĀ  2 Drone review online to learn the reasons why you can compare for an upgrade to the DJI Air 2S drone is something considered by many when you can see the good performance.
DJI Air 2s lake preview

The Air 2S seems to be built to withstand criticism, so to speak. The Mavic Air 2 has a relatively good 1/2″ CMOS sensor capable of recording 4K60 video and 48MP photos, while the Air 2S has a robust 1″ CMOS standard capable of recording 5.4K30 and 4K60 video. video resolution. 20 megapixel resolution photo. The sound quality is good, but I think the 48MP picture is better than the 20MP.

don’t do it The Mavic Air 2 uses a Quad Bayer filter and a method called “pixel binning” to create these 48MP images. It actually combines four separate 12MP photos into one 48MP photo. This method has advantages and disadvantages. One of the possible problems with rasterization is the loss of detail when zooming. This happened occasionally with the Mavic Air 2 in the fireplace. The Air2S does not use Pixelation or Quad Bayer technology. A 20MP photo is a 20MP photo. And good readers. The new Air 2S sensor offers high-definition video and beautiful photos, as well as several advanced imaging features, such as a 10-bit D-Log color profile and DJI’s latest recording modes like Intelligent HDR and MasterShot.

DJI Air 2S Drone Performance

Adjusting the camera significantly reduces the quality difference between the Mavic Air 2 and 2S. Both are excellent in terms of flight performance and have several features that make flying a truly immersive experience.

DJI MAvic Air 2s jungle surfing
In most cases, the DJI Air 2S is new, so you will only be able to use this feature. That’s why it incorporates the latest DJI technologies such as OcuSync 3.0, ActiveTrack 4.0 and POI 3.0. It will also help you avoid obstacles, but it won’t make one drone much better or worse than the other. However, the Air 2S can fly slightly faster than the Mavic Air 2 in N mode (33.55 mph vs. 26.84 mph) and one of the winners the DJI Mavic Air 2 stands out is durability. north. The maximum flight time of the original Mavic Air 2 is 34 minutes, while the maximum flight time of the updated Air 2S is 31 minutes. As almost all drone pilots have said, flight times are great, but technically the Mavic Air 2 is about 10% better.

DJI Air 2s/2 Value For Drone

When the Mavic Air 2 went on sale, it seemed like a really big deal, especially given its performance and small size. And these are still true. The Mavic Air 2 is a very interesting and very expensive drone. But Air2S is more advantageous.

flying overhead dji air 2s

You will pay an extra $200 in dollars and cents for the Air 2S. Camera upgrades are expensive. In addition to the variable bezels, the Air2S has a camera similar to the Mavic 2 Pro, which adds about $600 to the price of the drone.

If you have a camera on the drone, its a good value for money. However, as mentioned above, DJI Air 2S Drone for sale has many new features and improved systems. All these new features are basically free if you agree that the camera upgrade alone is worth the price difference. The advantage is clearly in sight comparing both DJI Air drone models together. You will get a better video transmission system for free when it pays itself off in the long-term. Other freelance jobs are provided free of charge to go out and find your job using the new camera drone. Professional photographers have many ways of earning their income with the DJI Air 2s drone. best way to avoid obstacles? Yes, it’s obstacle avoidance. And this list goes on and on.
dji air 2s drone racing

When it comes down to comparing the DJI Air 2s, and DJI Air, the value you get with the DJI Air 2S clearly out ranks the reviews of the DJI Air drone. Buying a new DJI Air 2S seems to be the most logical decision when you see all the new features. We haven’t even gotten to the drone software yet. Proprietary DJI Air 2S Professional Planner App is a software trainer for newcomers .

What the DJI Air 2S Means?

Buying a camera drone for beginner pilots means the research involved in finding out which drone is better is all in the specifications of knowing who to pick. Put the price away, and the winner is always the DJI Air 2S camera drone. It has parts, and features that the DJI Air 2s cannot do. This means you might as well go out and pay for the DJI Air 2S price, or upgrade the DJI Air 2 drone to upgrade to the DJI Air 2S drone. It is not much cheaper than the DJI Air 2.

DJI jungle surfing

Buying DJI Air 2S Compared to the DJI Air

Does this mean you have to go out and buy an Air 2S? Perhaps more. If you already bought a Mavic Air 2, yes, use the Air 2S instead. However, if you already have a Mavic Air 2, we recommend switching to the Air 2S. It is very difficult to answer this question. Personally, I prefer others like DJI FPV. We are also waiting for a final decision on whether the Mavic 3 Pro will be available in the future. Of course, if you decide to buy the Air 2S, you won’t be disappointed. No matter how the two drones face each other, the Air2S is arguably the best mid-range drone. When you want to buy the DJI Air 2s Drone For Sale, you can get it online for $1998.09

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